Photo Album - 2005

Company Christmas Party

Once again my company pulled off a fabulous bash. Good times, good friends, and best of all, free booze!

Dulles Plane Pull 2005

This year I got a team from the company to participate in the Dulles Plane Pull. We had a good time and the company sponsored us, even if we didn't win.

Balloon Fiesta 2005

What a great trip, my friend Vicki got to fly for the first time in this prestigious event

Allison and Josh's wedding

October I saw my friend Allison marry her hubby Josh. My first Jewish ceremony.

Wolf Trap Gala 2005

During the summer I volunteered at a local National Park, the Wolf Trap. At the end of the season they through this gala for us.

National Book Fair 2005

The National book fair took place in September, got Dan to go down there with his kids. Lots of fun!

DragonCon 2005

Some of the lovelys in their costumes at this years DragonCon in Atlanta.

Conestoga 2005 in Tulsa

And after Salt Lake I stopped in Oklahoma to see some of my friends at the Conestoga convention in Tulsa. This was quite spur of the moment and really no one had any notice of me showing up.

Salt Lake City in July

After Yellowstone I visited my friends Amy and Gregg in Salt Lake City. Good times!

Yellowstone in July

In July I got to surprise my parents in Yellowstone by showing up for an unannounced visit. They were happy and surprised.

June driving trip

Surprised my buddy Brady up in Columbus. This was opening day of his new business "Admin Remote, LLC".

DC Walkabout in May

Cruisin around Washington

National Zoo trip in April

Took a trip to the National Zoo with Jen, Joe, Brigette, Wendy and all the kids.

DC Walkabout in April

I like to go on walkabout in DC when I get a free day. It doesn't happen often but this was a nice day for it in April.

Nationals Bowling Tournament in March

Here are some pics that were taken online from a webcam of my bowling at Nationals. Thanks to my pal Joe back in Virginia for capturing these for me.

Baton Rouge Trip in March

This was from my trip to Baton Rouge for the 2005 Nationals bowling tournament, great town.

February in Virginia

My home during the February snow storm

Polar Plunge 2005

Took a journey down to Virginia Beach to plunge into the lovely 34 degree ocean...for charity of course. My good friend Jen was more than happy to come along and photograph me and the Virginia Beach Rescue crew.

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